Dove Springs

BLM: Jawbone Station/Ridgecrest Field Office

Location: about 28 miles north of Mojave in the Mojave Desert, just north of Red Rock Canyon State Park.
Highlights: hill climbs, sandy washes, some small jumps, trails for any riding level, views of the surrounding landscape, access to the huge Jawbone-Butterbredt ACEC limited use area surrounding this open area.
Type/Size of Area: Open/5,000 acres
Vehicles Permitted: All OHVs and any size rig, including 2WD passenger vehicles.
When Open/Fees: year-round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week/ No Fees
Best Months: October-May (very hot in summer)
Elevation: 3000 ft
Map: Friends of Jawbone OHV Riding Areas & Trails Map. Visit BLM’s Jawbone Station or Ridgecrest Field Office, or Friends of Jawbone online. Also available is a pdf link on BLM’s Dove Springs page, including surrounding Jawbone-Butterbredt ACEC and Jawbone Canyon to the south.

Facilities: three vault toilets along SC 103. From the intersection of SC 94 and SC 103, head northwest on SC 103 past “The Wall,” or competition hill. Just past the hill is the first one on the right. There are two more over the next mile.

Camping: there are no established campsites, but primitive camping is permitted virtually anywhere in the open area. Day use and overnight use permitted. Please use previously used sites and do not disturb vegetation. Many sites are accessible by any size rig, whether two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Camping limited to 14 days. Campfires permitted. Do not burn local vegetation or wood with nails. There are no trash receptacles in the area, so please pack out all trash.

Riding: Upon entering the entrance road of Dove Springs (SC 94), continue heading west to venture further into the riding area. Along the left (south) side are many camping areas for about 3 miles. Along the right (north) side is the open area’s boundary. Soon a row of power lines is reached, where Powerline Road runs north to south. To the south are some tabletop jumps and small jumps. To the north, the road goes into the Jawbone-Butterbredt ACEC to offer more camping and riding opportunities. The road soon intersects SC 103 at an angle. To the south are some big areas for big group camping, sandy washes, some steep hill-climbs, Red Rock Canyon State Park, and graded aqueduct roads running through the Jawbone Butterbredt ACEC. Turning right, or north/northwest onto SC 103 brings you into a big valley. “The Wall,” a competition hill, is on the left, while a very large area for camping is opposite the hill, with more hill climbs behind this large area. This place is good for large rigs and big groups. Continuing on SC 103 offers more camping opportunities, another competition hill, and access to the Jawbone Butterbredt ACEC.

Directions: from the town of Mojave, drive north on CA 14 for about 28 miles. Pass Jawbone Station and pass the Ricardo Campground exit at Red Rock Canyon State Park. Soon a wooden sign saying “Dove Springs OHV Area” will appear on the right, and shortly after that a long left turn lane will appear. Turn left onto SC 94 to enter the riding area. SC 94 is a graded dirt road accessible for any size vehicle, RV, or motor home. SC 94 leads to many camping and riding destinations in the area. The entrance is about 15 miles south of the CA 14 and west CA 178 interchange.

Nearest Amenities: the nearby Jawbone Store has gas and basic groceries, but is only open seasonally. Nearest full amenities are in the town of Mojave, 28 miles to the south via CA 14.

Nearest Hospital: Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, 52 miles south via CA 14. Also, Ridgecrest Regional Hospital in Ridgecrest, about 30 miles northeast via CA 14 and CA 178.

Jawbone Station
28111 Jawbone Canyon Rd.
P.O. Box 1902
Cantil, CA 93519
Phone: 760-373-1146
Fax: 760-373-1165

Ridgecrest Field Office
300 S. Richmond Rd.
Ridgecrest, CA 93555

Main Contact Number: 760-384-5400
Fax Number:  760-384-5499